It’s Me Chopsy

Ryan “Chopsy” Harrison is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Boise, Idaho. Originally from Eureka, California, he was an imaginative kid who grew up in the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons.

In a time when Saturday morning was absolutely the best and most important part of the week, cartoons, comics, and video games inspired a love of drawing and—accompanied now by aliens, monsters, cryptids, and the occult—continue to have a prominent influence on his work.

An impulsive and spontaneous artist, Chopsy’s process often borders on chaos, forgoing planning and organization and simply jumping in with abandon, running with an idea to see where it will go.

Although his creative skill and style were developed of his own enterprise, he has a degree in Graphic Design and has self-published art books, designed album covers for PIG Records, and has participated a number of times in popular art events such as Boise Art Museum’s Art in the Park and Nampa’s Festival of the Arts.